Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Come With Me A CD Release By Monika Herzig

A Review By Andrea R. Garrison - Online With Andrea

Come With Me By Monika Herzig is the latest release by Jazz Pianist Composer Monika Herzig. This is a wonderful CD by this jazz pianist who is originally from Germany and now living in the United States. This CD features the masterful skills of this fine pianist who has managed to take her years of studies as well as her expertise as a Professor of music to another level . The hardcore jazz musicians would say that it is one thing to study and to teach but to truly master the art of playing with such a real feel for this special musical art form is another thing indeed. When you listen to this CD there is no question that Monika Herzig is hanging tough playing all that jazz. This new release is a 2 Disc set that features a CD of her music and a DVD about the life of Monika Herzig. This CD/DVD set features Monika Herzig on piano, Peter Kienle on guitar, Tom Clark on saxes and flute, Carolyn Dutton on violin, Joe Galvin on percussion, Kenny Phelps on drums, Frank Smith on Bass, and Steve Davis on drums. For more information on Monika Herzig visit www.monikaherzig.com and listen to the Online With Andrea interview with Monika.

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Friday, June 3, 2011

Certifiably Jonathan Starring Jonathan Winters

A Review By Andrea R. Garrison - Online With Andrea

Certifiably Jonathan a comedic documentary Starring Jonathan Winters is Directed by Jim Pasternak, Produced by Richard Marshall and Executive Produced by Matt Fortnow. The film includes appearances by David Arquette, Patricia Arquette, Tim Conway, Nora Dunn, Jimmy Kimmel, Howie Mandel, Rob Reiner, Sarah Silverman, Jeffrey Tambor and Robin Williams. I must say that I was not aware of the brilliant work of Jonathan Winters until I watched this unique hybrid comedy/documentary. While watching this film it became progressively funny to the point in which I practically had tears in my eyes from laughing so hard. Even with the serious moments it was so much fun. There were so many times while watching this film in which I could not tell whether it was scripted or not. Quite honestly I am still not sure about certain things so there are questions that are still unanswered. I will definitely watch this again just to catch what I missed the first time. This is a fantastic documentary. I loved it. Comedy has no bounderies. If you are funny you are funny. Jonathan Winters is definitely funny and I can see why so many of our comic greats love him as well. Several comedians appeared in this documentary because Jonathan Winters has inspired many with his gift of comic relief. Buddy Judge kept the story moving with his compositional talents. Certifiably Jonathan is a great tribute to a comic genius. For more information on Certifiably Jonathan visit www.certifiablyjonathan.com and listen to the Online With Andrea interview.

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