Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Wings Of Change

Story by Franklin Hill, Ph.D.
Illustrations by Aries Cheung

An Illumination Arts Publishing Company Storybook for all ages

A Review by Andrea R. Garrison – onlinewithandrea

When I first heard about this award winning story book called The Wings Of Change (by Franklin Hill, Ph.D. and Illustrations by Aries Cheung) and the fact that it talked about this wonderful caterpillar called Anew I was thrilled. I have always had a passion for butterflies and the symbolism of their magnificent transformation from a precious creature that crawls to this awesome delicate creature that flies and spreads beauty every where it lands. This story book is about the struggles of the caterpillar called Anew who represents so many of us who are currently in a seemingly comfortable place/stage in life. It is easy to stay in the comfort zone. It is not easy to make subtle or bold moves without apprehension and fear. Yet we learn as Anew does that change is constant and the beauty of the present is that it propels us forward to the next level. When we watch Anew make his powerful transformation into the beautiful delightful butterfly we are reminded of this wonderful evolutionary process. It is through dreams and a special friend called Faith that Anew begins to relax more and to let go of the fears and the anxiety that fills his spirit. Once he releases and relaxes, the transformation takes hold and Anew moves into the next stage of his journey, his destiny which is to become a butterfly.

When you open the Wings Of Change story book on the inside cover it reads:

Wings Of Change is the story of Anew, a contented little caterpillar who is afraid to become a butterfly. After experiencing, some puzzling dreams, he turns to Faith, a wise old snail, for advice. She gently explains,

As the world turns,

So do you

When you change for the good,

You change the world too...

Wings Of Change is a humorous, tender, heart inspired wonderful story book for children and adults. Dr. Hill an acclaimed educational futurist has truly done an excellent job at creating a story that reminds adults and teaches children at an early age about the beauty of change, transformation and the evolvement of each of us on this journey. Illustrator Aries Cheung did a splendid colorful job of bringing this story to life. I love the Wings of Change. I highly recommend this book for all ages and for all stages in life. It will inspire you to embrace your wings and fly. For more information please visit www.illumin.com and listen to my onlinewithandrea interview with Dr. Franklin Hill, Illustrator Aries Cheung and John Thompson the CEO of Illumination Arts Publishing.