Sunday, February 28, 2010

Easier With Practice A Kyle Patrick Alvarez Film

A Film Review By Andrea R. Garrison - Online With Andrea

Easier With Practice is a great film Written and Directed by Kyle Patrick Alvarez based on a true story by Davy Rothbart. This is definitely well written. This is a writer’s film indeed with the intricate character development as well as the fine direction and the excellent acting talents of Brian Geraghty and Kel Oneill. I was quite intrigued watching the opening of the film which focused on couples depicted in oil paintings. It was quite creative because it immediately captured my attention drawing me deeper into the film. I loved the angles and the way the movie was filmed. The perspective made it even more definite that the viewers are the observers watching this deeply introspective almost reclusive character, unpublished novelist Davy Mitchell unfold as he gets a random call that gets him drawn into a very seductive telephone relationship with the mysterious Nicole. Just when you think that you have every thing figured out there is the surprise ending which adds an unexpected twist. It is interesting that this is Kyle Patrick Alvarez’s debut in screen writing and film direction. The title of the film is Easier With Practice which is rather ironic because it seems that Kyle Patrick Alvarez managed to write and direct a fine feature film on the first try. Like the film say’s it will get easier with practice which means that I hope that we will see many more films written and directed by Kyle Patrick Alvarez. Easier With Practice is a Forty Second Productions Film and it runs approximately 1 hour 40 minutes. I highly recommend that you see this film. For more information please visit Also tune into the Online With Andrea interview coming up with Director Kyle Patrick Alvarez.

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Saturday, February 27, 2010

Family Jewels Written & Directed By Martin Stitt, Produced by La Monde Byrd

A Review by Andrea R. Garrison - Online With Andrea

Family Jewels starring Jennifer Christopher, Josh Carmichael, Wyatt Carmichael and Ethan Carmichael is a wonderful film about Carol, a mother and a U.S. soldier who is about to deploy to Afghanistan. The night before she leaves her family wants to make sure that she has a memorable farewell before her departure. This short received rave reviews at the Sundance Film Festival and I understand why. The acting, the direction and the production quality of this film is excellent. Once I started watching Family Jewels I was captivated. So if you can see it please do. My only complaint is that it was too short approximately 20 minutes. To the creators and producers of this film I say don’t leave me hanging. I want to know what happens to Carol when she goes off to war. How does Kurt, her husband manage with their two boys, Ethan and Wyatt while she is away from her family. Now I am left with all of these questions and now you must answer them by turning this short into a feature length film. For now I would be happy seeing this excellent short as an opener for a major feature film release. Family Jewels is an American Film Institute production in association with Society Film Works. Listen to the Online With Andrea interview with Producer La Monde Byrd and Director Martin Stitt.

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Friday, February 26, 2010

Finding Your Passion - The Easy Guide to Your Dream Career

A Review By Andrea R. Garrison - Online With Andrea

Finding Your Passion – The Easy Guide to Your Dream Career by Marcy Morrison is an inspiring insightful book that helps you to understand the importance of going deep inside, unlocking your passion by following your heart, doing what you love and spreading your wings. With a tough economy and so many people looking for guidance and work it may seem challenging to stand out in the crowd. Marcy shares some wonderful true stories of people who have overcome obstacles and triumphed by following their passion. This book reminds us to follow our hearts and to pursue our dreams and if we truly love the work that we do we will be positive, we will shine and we will thrive. For more information on Finding Your Passion please visit and and listen to the Online With Andrea interview with Marcy Morrison.

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Thursday, February 18, 2010

La Monde Byrd Shares His Sundance Experiences and More!!!

If you missed the live interview that I had with Producer/Actor La Monde Byrd you will definitely want to listen to the archive. There were some great surprise guests on the show...Writer/Director Martin Stitt called in from the UK, Actor/Producer Kelly Perine, Actor/Comedian Leonard Robinson and Screenwriter Jon Berstein who wrote The Ring Master, Beautiful and Meet the Robinsons. We had a wonderful chat about the world of acting and the film industry in general, the Venice Festival, the Sundance Festival and the films Family Jewels and Speed Dating. Thank you for staying connected to Online With Andrea for more heart to heart multi-dimensional and diverse programs. The journey continues!!!

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Monday, February 15, 2010

Trust Your Gut With Divine Intuition

Two Reviews by Andrea R. Garrison - onlinewithandrea

Trust Your Gut – How The Power Of Intuition Can Grow Your Business By Lynn A. Robinson

Trust Your Gut by Lynn A Robinson is a great resource whether you are in a small business or a large one. It will encourage you to tap into the inner source, the inner guide that will help you to make all of the right moves to grow your business. This book reveals how top business people tap into the inner CEO to win major accounts, inrease sales, productivity and resolve critical issues within the organization. It is filled with examples and gut truster tips that will help in any business situation. This book is a great read and the perfect guide to keep handy on the shelf to remind you to always trust your gut.

Divine Intuition – Your Guide to Creating a Life You Love By Lynn A.Robinson

Divine Intuition by Lynn A. Robinsion is a beautiful Dorling Kindersley book that brings us back to the inner source and resource that is within all of us. It often requires taking a quiet moment to be still and to listen in order to find the answers. When you tap into the divine intuition it is possible to create the life that you want just by discovering the answers within. Divine Intuition is a practical, tranquil guide with beautiful photographs and thoughtful quotes which reminds us all that what we want and need is within our heart. Divine Intuition takes us to the power source that lives in each of us so that all of us can truly create and manifest our dreams. Nothing is impossible when you use Divine Intuition. This book is a great gift that will help us understand and to truly know that we all have the ability to tap into this inner knowledge to find the answers to all that we seek. For more information on Lynn Robinson and her work please visit her website Also listen to Lynn’s in depth interview with Online With Andrea host Andrea Garrison.

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