Sunday, October 18, 2009

Indigo Awakening By Dr. Janine Talty

A Doctor’s Memoir of Forging an Authentic Life in a Turbulent World

A Review By Andrea R. Garrison - onlinewithandrea

When I heard that Dr. Janine Talty was writing a book called the Indigo Awakening I was excited about reading her story. Indigo Awakening is the true story of one child’s journey while growing up with fantastic extraordinary abilities. Dr. Talty shares her life experiences including her evolvement as she begins to understand who she is, why she is and her true destiny. The book did not disappoint me. Once I picked it up I could not put it down. I found it to be inspiring, insightful and informative. I felt like I was watching a film or actually right there beside her every step of the way for every challenge and every triumph because I could see everything and understand it so clearly. Indigo Awakening raises the following questions:

Are you perceptive beyond the abilities of the people around you?
Do you have a sense that the world is about to change forever?
Do you believe that you’re here on Earth to assist that global shift?
Are you unplugging from systems and behaviors that used to make you feel secure?
Do you have the sense that you’ve been preparing for something, but don’t know what it is?
Have you noticed magical abilities to seek, feel, hear, move and transduce energy?
Do you have maladies that doctors can’t explain?
Have you suspected that your suffering might be part of humanity’s clearing of collective patterns?

If you have asked yourself any of these questions, tried to overcome a major challenge or if you or some one close to you are dyslexic you will definitely want to read this book. When you read the experiences of Dr. Janine Talty you will learn that every challenge and every triumph helps us to grow and to move on to the next level in our evolvement on this incredible journey of life. Indigos can find comfort in the knowledge that there are many who share in this journey. Despite the challenges that many are experiencing today if you read this story you will know that you can overcome any obstacle as long as you do not give up. You will be inspired, uplifted and encouraged to continue the race and to finish it by moving onward and upward. If you want a true understanding of the Indigo person the Indigo Awakening by Dr. Janine Talty is the perfect guide and a wonderful insightful book to read. Dr. Talty has truly done a great service in sharing her experiences and in telling her story. Indigo Awakening is a publication of Elite Books. To learn more about Dr. Janine Talty please visit her website Also listen to the heartwarming and informative interview I had with Dr. Janine Talty on the following link:

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Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Chakra Gardens Opening the Senses of the Soul by Carol Cumes

A Book Review by Andrea R. Garrison - onlinewithandrea

Chakra Gardens – Opening The Senses Of The Soul- the award winning book by Carol Cumes will take you on a very special meditative reflective journey. If you need a vacation from every day life this is definitely the trip to take. When I saw the book cover and starting reading it all I could say was wow. The photography by Greg Asbury is spectacular and reading about the philosophy behind the Chakra Gardens is fascinating and enlightening. Each page just gets better and better. I enjoyed visiting every single garden which included the earth garden, water garden, sun garden, heart garden, sound garden, spiral garden and the Lucuma Tree Garden. The book has such a calming, healing effect. Different colors are associated with certain aspects of the garden and specific chakra points. Red is the primary color in the earth garden which includes Carnations, Fuchsias, Gladioli’s, Hibiscus, Poppies and Roses. Ruda a yellow flower is the signature plant of the Sun Garden, Blues and turquoise colors stimulate the throat chakra and are widely displayed in the Sound Garden. The Aloe Vera plant which is one of the most highly valued healing plants in the Sacred Valley is the main plant in the water garden. The spiral garden colorfully displays the power of the circle in opening up intuition and spiritual reflection. The Lucuma Tree Garden is the grand maestro of all of the gardens with this ancient tree that is thousands of years old at the center. This wise magnificent tree which represents unity is greatly honored in Peru. By reading this book you will have an incredible glimpse at this tranquil Andean retreat that is breathtaking, magnificent for the eye and food for the soul while it teaches you how to create your own garden oasis regardless of location and space. The beauty of the Chakra Garden is definitely beyond words. It will truly open up your heart center and awaken your senses. It is absolutely exquisite. When you purchase this book you will be supporting the spirit of Ayni which follows the natural principle of balanced giving and receiving. All of the proceeds from this precious book, after printing expenses go directly to the Willka T’ika Children’s Fund a 501 C3 charity which provides school materials and more to the Andean children and their dedicated teachers in remote areas of the Peruvian Andes. For more information please visit Also listen to the onlinewithandrea interview with Author Carol Cumes.