Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Foundation Of Huna Ancient Wisdom for Modern Times By Matthew James, MA, PhD

Foundation Of Huna Ancient Wisdom for Modern Times By Matthew B. James, MA, PhD

A Review By Andrea R. Garrison – Online With Andrea

Foundation of Huna Ancient wisdom for modern times By Matthew B. James, MA, PhD has a magnificent Aloha cover that invites you to open and read it. It is a precious book filled with the insights and the wisdom of ancient Hawaiians which is the foundation for HUNA which focuses on energy, consciousness and life. The book gives a clear, reflective and thorough explanation that is timeless. I am always fascinated at how in modern times we have the ability to make simple things so complex. This wonderful book removes the complexity and breaks it down clearly, simply and beautifully. The beauty of simplicity is amazing. In this book there is a chapter on Aloha. We learn that, “Aloha means from the heart. It means love, compassion, affection, peace and mercy.” In reading this book you can clearly see that this is a labor of love for Dr. James. He is obviously following his heart and doing what he loves to do which is why this book is so special. To learn more about HUNA listen to the two Online With Andrea interviews with Dr. Matthew B. James and visit

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Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Pope Annalisa A Novel By Peter Canova

A Review By Andrea R. Garrison- Online With Andrea

Pope Annalisa by Peter Canova highlights the life of Annalisa Basanjo an African woman from Nigeria who rises within the Catholic Church hierarchy to become the first female Pope. When I first heard about this story I was excited about the entire concept. It is a detailed riveting page turner that is filled with so much history and depth interwoven with an incredibly creative, intriguing and compelling seemingly realistic story line that has all the elements in place for a major box office big screen hit. Pope Annalisa is Book One of the First Souls Trilogy by Peter Canova. If this is the beginning I can not even imagine what Peter has in store for us in Book Two and Book Three. I am looking forward to the continuing story. This is a great read and I will be right there to see the story of Pope Annalisa come to life on the big screen. For more information on Pope Annalisa and Peter Canova visit and listen to the Online With Andrea interview with Author Peter Canova.

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Saturday, September 18, 2010

Finger Paintings By Cary Clouser

A Review by Andrea R. Garrison - Online With Andrea

Cary Clouser is a multi-talented musician, singer and composer. He has definitely tapped into his own moving and eclectic sound. Cary loves creating and exploring new sounds and it is quite evident in this Finger Paintings CD released on Melodic Revolution Records. My favorite tune Precious has the perfect title. Cary’s flute and keyboard solos are absolutely precious. Dark 1st Impressions and Darker 2nd Impressions are amazing compositions. Finger Paintings will take you on a magical musical journey filled with many melodic highs and many wonderful surprises. Cary Clouser is definitely shining in Finger Paintings. His compositional talents are quite brilliant and enjoyable to listen to. For more information on Cary Clouser visit and . Also listen to the Online With Andrea interview with Cary Clouser.

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Tuesday, September 14, 2010

The Ever Loving Essence Of You

Create A Long Term Connected Relationship With Yourself

By Andrea R. Garrison – Online With Andrea

I call this book, The Ever Loving Essence Of You by Jamie Lerner and Lauren Targ my precious little book. It is actually a gem and I loved everything about it. The primary focus in this book is to encourage everyone to have a complete love affair with you. So often we go outside looking for love instead of going within and loving one’s self which is where the joy of life can begin. The topics in this book include, Your Inner Being, Have A Love Affair With Yourself, Alignment, Appreciation, Deliberate Creation, Allowing, Allowing and Changing Your Storyline. This is a quick thoughtful book that will inspire you to read it again and again. It is a gentle reminder on the importance of taking care of you and loving you. True love begins within. For more information on Jamie Lerner and Lauren Targ visit and listen to the Online With Andrea interview with Jamie Lerner and Lauren Targ.

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Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Shy-Anne Pseudo

A Review By Andrea R. Garrison -  Online With Andrea

Someone contacted me and asked me to listen to Shy-Anne’s music and to consider having her as a guest on my show. When I listened to her stunning original music my initial reaction was wow what an amazing talent. This wonderful Canadian Aboriginal songbird was selected to be the opening act for the G8 Summit. Well I can see why. Shy-Anne is a natural singer and composer with a soothing and calming voice that just stays with you. Shy-Anne sings from the heart to the heart. Her music is very much connected to her earthy roots that are so deep. It is hard for me to decide which tune is my favorite. Fire and Ancient Voices are two of her best and most moving compositions. There are fifteen enjoyable tracks on Pseudo for you to sit back and listen to. I say you should take the Pseudo plunge and enjoy the music of Shy-Anne. To learn more about Shy-Anne visit her website and listen to the Online With Andrea interview with Shy-Anne.

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