Thursday, July 5, 2012

Don Mancuso Rocks With No Strings Attached

A Reflective Review
By Andrea R. Garrison – Online With Andrea
Don Mancuso from DDrive, the Lou Gramm Band and Black Sheep has managed to produce an award winning sound in his latest CD No Strings Attached.  I am in constant motion from the moment the CD starts with DDBopp, until it finishes with Breaking Caylee.  Every single track is full of energy and joy.  He thoroughly rocks it out with his Green Bay Reggae.  Help is beyond description and I love the Bugs Bite track. Cocagne is expressive and special. There is a reason that Don Mancuso gets a lot of airplay from me.  It is because he is an amazing creative talent with his very own distinctive, creative, expansive rock sound which is always great.  If you want to rock then listen to No Strings Attached. When you listen to the CD the only possible disappointment is that it is too short.  The solution is for you to loop it and play it again so you can hear all of the elements that you may have missed.  With the level of excellence that Don Mancuso puts into every single track it takes a while to produce the high level of music that he is known for.  Then we will just anxiously wait for his next release. In the mean time I am thoroughly enjoying No Strings Attached. To learn more about Don Mancuso visit, and listen to the Online With Andrea interview with Don Mancuso.