Saturday, September 8, 2012

Conscious Love By Richard Smoley

A Reflective Review
By Andrea R. Garrison – Online With Andrea

When I first heard of Richard Smoley’s book Conscious Love Insights From Mystical Christianity I knew that this was a book that I wanted to read. My first reaction was that if there is conscious love then certainly it means that there is unconscious love as well. Love is love. Like many I have always been fascinated with love and how it is defined. Richard Smoley does what he does best when he takes on a subject matter. He takes an interesting topic and then breaks it down historically to give you a deeper understanding and a much broader perspective.
In the introduction of this book it states, “No subject in human life shows up one’s limitations quite as much as love. Its universality exposes the limits of one’s vision, even of one’s soul.  The monk grasps love from his perspective, the romantic from another; even whores and libertines have their insights.  But the very fervor with which they clutch at their own little corners of this immeasurable continent suggests that they may not be able to raise their eyes and see the whole vista.”

When you read Conscious Love Insights From Mystical Christianity by Richard Smoley it will more than likely inspire you to think and hopefully it will help you to appreciate and understand more aspects about love. For more information visit and listen to the Online With Andrea interview with Richard Smoley.