Friday, December 2, 2011

Smart Music Entertainment Presents Lesson Number One

A Reflective Review By Andrea R. Garrison – Onlinewithandrea

I absolutely love Lesson Number One developed by Smart Music Entertainment. It is creative, educational ,entertaining and innovative. It features ten major tracks plus two bonus tracks. The CD starts out with a powerful introduction followed by Kings & Queens, Slavery, Invent, First 25 Presidents, Cash Flow, Congress Women, Moors, 50 States, It’s A War, Congress Women(remix) and Drugs. What amazes me is that Larry Lak Henderson and his team were able to incorporate so much historical information in a couple of minutes. Smart Music has taken Hip Hop music to another level. This project should be incorporated in school systems and communities everywhere. Smart Music has no limits because educational music is great for anyone at any age at any time. I look forward to Lesson Number Two. To find out how you can feature Smart Music Entertainment in your community and for more information on Smart Music visit and listen to the Onlinewithandrea interview with Larry ‘Lak’ Henderson.

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