Friday, November 25, 2011

Natural Causes By Solstice Coil

A Reflective Review By Andrea Garrison - Onlinewithandrea

As I am writing my reflections I am listening to Question Irrevelant, Outcome Inevitable the first track on the Natural Causes CD by Solstice Coil. I am enjoying this track so much I had to repeat it a couple of times. It is certainly a sign of a great CD when you want to repeat the tracks. It then becomes a never ending musical journey. I would say that this Progressive Rock band from Israel will take you on a special journey that you will never forget and all you have to do is purchase the CD and enjoy the ride. When you receive the CD you will get a magnicent poster which makes the actual physical purchase of the CD a must. Natural Causes is a release on Melodic Revolution Records . For more information visit, and listen to the
Online With Andrea interview.

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