Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Helen Keller How I Would Help The World

A Reflective Review By Andrea R. Garrison – Onlinewithandrea

How I Would Help The World By Helen Keller (1880 -1968) with an Introduction by Rev. Dr. Ray Silverman is a precious, little book written by this iconic inspirational woman who was stricken with a disease that left her blind and deaf. Despite her obvious challenges she went on to learn to read and to write and was the first blind and deaf person to earn a college degree when she graduated from Radcliffe College. In this book Helen Keller shares her heartfelt feelings and appreciation for Emanuel Swedenborg referring to him as “one of the noblest champions true Christianity has ever known,” she said, “Swedenborg’s message has been my greatest incitement to overcome limitation.” The book starts out with a powerful introduction by Rev. Dr. Ray Silverman. “When we consider the life of such an inspiring person, we may wonder how Helen Keller was able to overcome her limitations and become such a powerful force for good. What was the source of her inner strength, undaunted optimism, and noble aspiration? She was an inspiration to millions, and continues to be so today. But who inspired Helen?” Well the answer to that question is that Helen Keller was a spiritual independent woman deeply touched by Emanuel Swedenborg the Swedish scientist, philosopher, Christian mystic who lived from 1688 – 1772. In reading the words of Helen Keller and the writings of this mystic seer one can easily understand why she was so moved by Swedenborg. The works of Swedenborg takes one beyond the limitation of the physical earth into the spirit world of unlimited possibilities. It is rather ironic that millions may learn about Emanuel Swedenborg through the words of Helen Keller. But then again they are both kindred spirits eternally because of their tremendous ability to see, to hear and to connect beyond the physical universe. You will love this precious little book because there is so much in these pages. There are precious photos and beautiful heart inspired words from Ray Silverman, Helen Keller and Emanuel Swedenborg. So it is small in size but huge in depth and content. For more information visit www.swedenborg.com and listen to the Onlinewithandrea interview on Helen Keller.

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