Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Contrast and More Morre

A Reflective Review By Andrea Garrison - Onlinewithandrea

While I am reflecting on Morre, this wonderful band from Canada I am listening to Contrast their latest CD released on The Melodic Revolution Records label. Believe me at this moment while listening to Morre I am not sitting still. Each tune just flows perfectly and melodiously from one to the next. Individually each track stands solid adding a special dimension to the entire CD experience. I love their sound which is why I play their music so often on my radio program and I will continue to do so. Morre is exciting and one of the best independent bands on the music scene today. They are excellent musicians with a great, carefully produced, meticulous sound and they have an amazing stage presence which is obvious by watching their videos. If there is any band on the scene today that deserves to be recognized on a global scale it is definitely Morre. They are more than studio musicians. They are ready to take the show on the road in a big way. I am looking forward to their next release and I am also looking forward to seeing Morre live. I guarantee that with Morre you will always get more than you bargained for and you will always want to hear and see more of Morre. I can just see it and feel it. For more information on Morre visit, and listen to the Online With Andrea interview with Morre.

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