Sunday, November 20, 2011

Embers By Helen Jane Long

A Reflective Review By Andrea R. Garrison – Onlinewithandrea

Embers By Helen Jane Long is a wonderful, warm, soothing CD. It reminds me of a warm sunny day with blue skies, green grass and a soft wind. I am listening to the CD as I am writing this reflection. Some things are just so special and so delicate it is hard to put into words. And even though I can not find the words to describe Helen’s music. I can honestly say that it is beautiful, inspiring and enjoyable. Every stroke of the key creates a melodious classical sound that will touch your heart and uplift your spirits. Helen Jane Long’s music is absolutely delightful and enchanting. Thank you Helen for creating Embers. I love it!!! For more information on Helen Jane Long visit and listen to the Onlinewithandrea interview with Helen.

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