Monday, August 1, 2011

Conspiracies Of Kindness By Michael Ortiz Hill

A Review By Andrea R. Garrison - Online With Andrea

Conspiracies of Kindness The Craft of Compassion at the Bedside of the Ill by Michael Ortiz Hill is a wonderful cozy book that truly reflects the gentle heart of the author. When I started reading this book it was my intent to read a few pages and to continue it at another time. It was such a captivating, heart moving read that I could not put down the softness, the tenderness that it inspired. I felt such a great sense of warmth, compassion and love in my heart that I was speechless. It is a very powerful experience when the writer can actually write about kindness and ignite it in the heart of the reader. This book is genuinely a warm and sensitive read that goes beyond words. Quite honestly anything that I write, anything that I say would be inadequate and certainly fall short of the experience I had reading this precious book by this gentle soul. If you would like to learn more about kindness and compassion this is the book to read. If you would like to feel kindness and compassion in your heart this is the book to read. If you want to curl up with a good book this is the book to read. What else can I say other than thank you Michael Ortiz Hill for your gift of kindness and compassion. I am genuinely touched and inspired by your journey, your work and your book Conspiracies of Kindness. For more information on Michael Ortiz Hill visit, and listen to the Onlinewithandrea interview with Michael Ortiz Hill.

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