Monday, August 1, 2011

BunChakeze - Whose Dream ?

A Review By Andrea R. Garrison - Online With Andrea

Who would think that back in 1984 that a group of musicians from the UK would team up with a singer from Los Angeles to create music that was overlooked then but receiving rave reviews today. Perhaps without knowing it BunChakeze was creating a futuristic project. I am actually listening to this CD as I am writing this review and the music on this CD is absolutely amazing. I keep wondering what on earth were those record executives thinking when they turned down such incredible music. It has such dimension and so many harmonic intricacies. Everything about this CD is great including the lyrics which flows so well with the music. Let’s not forget the CD cover which captures your attention. Please don’t ask me which track is my favorite because honestly I cannot decide. I guess it is the tune that is playing at the moment. The entire CD is great so I strongly suggest that you purchase the full CD and sit back and enjoy the music of BunChakeze. Whose Dream is a perfect release for this moment in time. Perhaps many people will hear the music of BunChakeze and finally they will get the recognition that they deserve. For more information on BunChakeze visit and listen to the Online With Andrea interview.

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