Monday, December 7, 2015

Gareth Presents Sky Before A Storm

A Reflective Review By

Andrea R. Garrison – Online With Andrea

The CD Sky Before A Storm by Gareth is a wonderful musical creation filled with so much Spirit. Technically Gareth and his skills as a musician is on point which is a great thing but as I listen I am more impressed with the compassion that comes through in every single track.  The innate talent that he possesses cannot be taught. The Ralph Waldo Emerson quote on the inside of the CD cover is a perfect selection for this special creator of music.  It says, "What lies behind us and what lies before us are tiny matters compared to what lies within us." As Gareth plays the Native American flute you can hear and you can feel the depth of someone who has a great understanding of music and life.  It is clear that he is totally immersed and in tune with the sounds of his Heart…his Soul…and the beautiful nature within this Universe.  The music in this release is healing because Gareth chooses to send out positive energy when he plays and when he sings.  Sky Before A Storm is a moving melodic connection and a brilliant collaboration because Gareth truly listens as he creates these heartfelt soothing sounds of music.  An added bonus is when you support his music you are also contributing to his charitable efforts to reach out to help others. For more information on Gareth visit his website and listen to the Online With Andrea interview with Gareth.


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