Sunday, September 7, 2014

The Cosmic Purr By Aaron Poochigian

A Reflective Review by Andrea R. Garrison – Online With Andrea

The Cosmic Purr by Aaron Poochigian is a beautiful work of art. I was delighted when I heard about his book of poems because I have always loved poetry and for some reason there have not been many poetry books landing on my desk for me to feature on my program.  The Cosmic Purr was quite refreshing. When I sat down to read it I could not put it down until I had finished the book. Then after reading it I had a lingering feeling to read it again and again. Aaron Poochigian has many dimensions in his poetry. He has a line in one of his poems that truly describes what I felt when I was reading his book of poetry. It reads...“One moment in suspense spiraling outward into eloquence...” I am not going to give you the title of the poem. You will have to read The Cosmic Purr to find out for yourself and believe me his poetry is worth exploring. Aaron Poochigian truly is a fine poet.  For more information visit his website and listen to the Online With Andrea interview with Aaron Poochigian


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