Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Elder Creek By The Jeff Green Project

A Reflective Review By Andrea R. Garrison – Online With Andrea
I first encountered the music of Jeff Green when he released Jessica a moving CD dedicated to the memory of his still born daughter. Green who has a lifelong passion for progressive rock is committed to creating thoughtful melodic music with a compelling story. He did that with his Jessica release and he continues to exhibit the same artistic commitment and integrity in the Elder Creek release which was five years in the making. Elder Creek is inspired by his grandmother who passed away in 2003 suffering from Alzheimer’s disease. Her passing from this heart wrenching disease stimulated some very philosophical discussions with his father. What happens when a person loses their memory? Are they someone different or the same person in another place of existence? Jeff Green raises some interesting questions and he strikes the perfect chords in Elder Creek with his amazing band featuring special guest vocalists Sean Filkins and Alan Reed. When you listen to Elder Creek Jeff will take you along on his contemplative musical journey that will move you at the core of your heart and soul.  Elder Creek is another wonderful CD by Jeff Green that will surely be a cherished gem for any collector of great music.
For more information on the Jeff Green Project visit his website  jeffgreen.org.uk and listen to the Online With Andrea interviews with Jeff Green on his Elder Creek and Jessica releases.


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